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Football Ticker

LED Football tickers

Whether you’re relaxing in your home man cave, hanging out at a sports bar, or anywhere in between, our top-of-the-line LED football tickers are here to revolutionize your game day experience. Picture this: real-time updates, scores, and news brought to life through vibrant and attention-grabbing displays, all aimed at elevating how you enjoy football.

The level of customization we offer is beyond compare, ensuring your ticker seamlessly blends into your setup. Whether it’s tailoring the display to match your favorite team’s colors or integrating them into your venue’s layout flawlessly, we’ve got you covered. And when it comes to quality, we don’t compromise. Our LED football tickers guarantee an unmatched level of performance that caters to every sports fan’s needs.

So, if you’re a die-hard football enthusiast or a venue owner seeking to craft an environment that thrives with energy, our LED football tickers are your go-to solution. Embark on a journey into the future of sports entertainment with our cutting-edge technology, and witness your football experience soar to heights you’ve never imagined.


What is an LED Football Ticker?

An LED football ticker is a dynamic display crafted specifically to provide real-time updates on football scores, news, feeds, and statistics. It’s designed to infuse the electrifying essence of the game into any setting, be it your residence, dedicated fan area, or sports bar.

With a football ticker, you remain effortlessly updated with the most recent game outcomes, can closely monitor your favorite team, and seamlessly track fantasy football developments. The LED panel displays crystal-clear visibility from every vantage point and can be tailor-fitted to align with your chosen football leagues and teams.

Whether you’re a big football fan or a sports bar owner, a football ticker introduces an exciting atmosphere to any setting. It gives you the sensation of being right there on the sideline for each play.

Through the presentation of scrolling text and graphics, an LED football ticker keeps you in the loop about ongoing games, pivotal moments, and urgent news updates. It elevates the experience of watching football, enabling you to perpetually stay linked to the realm of America’s favorite sport. Imbued with sleek and contemporary designs, our LED football tickers serve not only as utilitarian tools but also as stylish accents that enhance any space they adorn.

Why Get a Skybox Fancave LED Football Score Ticker

Staying in the loop with the latest football news and scores gets a major upgrade with an LED football score ticker. Here’s why getting one is a great choice:

Real-Time Updates

The LED football ticker ensures you don’t miss a beat. It dishes out instant updates on sports scores, player stats, and breaking news, ensuring you’re connected no matter where you are – whether it’s your living room, a local pub, or your workplace. The freshest info is always just a glance away.


Our LED football tickers are incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly into various environments. Whether you’re decking out your man cave, setting up a cozy home bar, sprucing up a restaurant, or even enhancing the ambiance of your office space, the LED football ticker brings that extra flair of enthusiasm and engagement. It’s like a magnet for fellow sports aficionados.

Tailored Touch

Customization is the name of the game in sports. The LED football ticker lets you fine-tune the display to feature your beloved teams, specific football leagues, or even real-time updates for fantasy football. It’s your personal scoreboard, keeping you wired to the football action that truly matters to you.

Immersive Allure

Thanks to its lively LED display and smoothly scrolling text, the LED football ticker amps up your football-watching experience. It crafts an enveloping atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re right there in the thick of the action. Whether you’re betting on the action or just enjoying the game, the LED football ticker kicks up the excitement a notch or two.

What You Can Use a Football Ticker For

Elevating your football experience has never been more impactful than with LED football tickers.

Imagine having a live football ticker in your living room, man cave, or favorite bar – it’s like importing the game’s thrill directly into your space. Whether you’re aiming to stay in the loop with live scores, keen on tracking player stats, or passionate about following your fantasy football teams, our Skybox Fancave football ticker has got every aspect covered.

It goes beyond mere game-watching; it’s about forging a real-time connection with the action. An LED football ticker turns your man cave into a sports hub and creates an ever-engaging and immersive setting that keeps you captivated throughout the game.

The moment has arrived to transcend your football experience with a digital ticker that seamlessly transports the stadium vibes right into your own living room.

Where to Buy The Best Football Ticker

Searching for the perfect sports ticker to amplify your football experience at home or in your favorite bar? Your quest ends here with Skybox Fancave! When it comes to LED football tickers, we’ve got you covered with the utmost quality, adding that extra layer of excitement to your cherished man cave or home bar.

The opportunity to acquire the finest LED football tickers from Skybox Fancave is just a click away on Amazon – at an affordable price! There’s no need to delay – secure your very own sports ticker today and ensure you’re always in the thick of the action, without missing a single heartbeat of football fervor. It’s high time to propel your football passion to soaring heights you’ve never imagined before.

All Skybox tickers include the following features:

  • Color Depth: RGB (Full Color) 65,000 color shades
  • Mounting: Includes wall mount or ceiling mount hardware
  • Power Supply: Standard UL – 100V Low Power Consumption
  • Connectivity: WiFi or Ethernet
  • Mobile App: 1st year subscription with sports and stock quotes included
  • Shipping: Free delivery in the US and Canada
  • Warranty: One (1) year from ship date

Ticker Size Comparison

The following video shows a comparison of our three different standard tickers.  The top is 32 pixels (5,75″), the middle 16 pixels (4.5″), and the bottom is 7 pixels (3.9″).


Skybox Ticker FAQs

Where do I purchase?

Our standard line of tickers are available on our Amazon store.


Can the ticker connect to my wireless network?

Yes. All of our tickers support a wired (RJ45 connection) or have the ability to connect via wireless.


What is the typical lead time for ticker displays?

We keep inventory in our Las Vegas warehouse. Tickers typically ship within 48 hours of receiving your order and payment. We ship via ground service, and you should expect to receive your ticker in 3 to 4 business days.


How difficult is it to install the LED ticker?

The tickers are designed to be installed by anyone with basic tools. Check out our Ticker Install Guide for more information.


Do I need to supply a computer to run the ticker software?

No. The ticker contains a system on a chip that is built into the ticker. You can update your ticker from anywhere via your smartphone.  See more about the App and watch a tutorial video.


What is the cost for the sports and finance data feed?

The first year is included with the purchase of your ticker. Subsequent renewals are $25 per month, billed annually.  See more about the App and watch a tutorial video.


How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping via ground service within the US and Canada.


What is the warranty?

We offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty covering replacement parts.


Can I order custom sizes?

Yes, reach out to Rise Display with your specific size requirements.

LED Sports Ticker Examples

Check out some of our recent ticker installs: