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Custom LED Ticker Products

Custom LED Tickers Designed to Fit Your Space

Transform your space into an immersive and exclusive environment with cutom LED tickers that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Custom LED tickers create an unparalleled and distinctive ambiance.

Our sister company, Rise Display, specializes in tailoring tickers to precisely match your unique requirements and vision. Witness the transformative power of these bespoke installations through a collection of exemplary projects meticulously executed by Rise Display’s expert team.

These custom LED tickers are designed to elevate your surroundings and captivate audiences with dynamic, custom designs that redefine the essence of your space, reflecting sophistication, innovation, and unrivaled distinction. Skybox Fancave’s collaboration with Rise Display ensures a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and visionary design, setting your space apart as a true hallmark of excellence.

Sports Bar Ticker display
Sports Bar Ticker display

Custom LED Ticker Designs

Twin ticker with stocks and headline news
Twin ticker with stocks and headline news


Tickers can be built to nearly any length. We have built custom tickers over 300 feet in length for various applications such as business schools, museums, financial trading floors, and casino sportsbooks.

wrap corners with a unique sports ticker display
Wrap corners with a unique sports ticker display

Wrap Corners

Don’t let the length of your wall dictate the length of your ticker. We can create inside or outside 90 degree corners, custom angles, whatever best fits your space configuration.

Flexible curved sports ticker
Flexible curved sports ticker

Curved Surfaces

LED ticker displays aren’t limited to just straight walls. Our flexible tickers can conform to fit concave or convex surfaces as tight as a 2.5 foot radius.

custom ceiling mounted stock ticker - double sided
Custom ceiling mounted stock ticker - double sided


We can wrap circular, oval, and elliptical surfaces. These designs can be on the inside or outside of the curved surface either free hanging from the ceiling or attached to an existing structure. We can even build double-sided units with tickers on both sides.

custom ceiling mounted stock ticker
Custom ceiling mounted stock ticker

Ceiling Mount

We can ceiling mount units in front of glass windows or even put ticker cabinets back to back. Tickers are lightweight, allowing you to mount them with chains, cables, or NTP pipes to attract attention anywhere.

custom vertical LED ribbons for nike
Custom vertical LED ribbons for nike


Tickers can be rotated to run vertically to create a unique look to attract attention by scrolling data up or down the ticker.

custom outdoor stock ticker
Custom outdoor stock ticker


Additionally, we offer a line of outdoor-ready, weatherproofed tickers that can withstand the elements and are readable in direct sunlight.

Custom Ticker Display Examples

Check out some of our recent custom Rise Ticker installations: